Free Range Milk to Carlisle

May 1, 2017

At Inter Fresh, we believe quality is key. That is why we have become the only supplier of Free Range Milk within Carlisle & the surrounding areas.

Free Range Milk means cows are grazed outside for at least half the year, giving the milk that creamy quality taste we don't get with the standard pasteurised milk. Farmers are paid more per litre, so we can start to build a sustainable dairy industry in this country.

We are very proud to have been chosen by Stephensons Dairy to distribute their milk throughout our region and be part of this positive change. Stephensons have been working extremely hard over the past 3 years to become the first dairy in Britain to bring Free Range Milk to the market. Based in Morecambe, working side by side with local farmers and suppliers means Stephensons have a full knowledge of where the milk comes from and what happens to it from field to fridge. What they supply is fully traceable milk, of consistent high quality that puts money directly back into the local economy.

Since Inter Fresh started supplying Free Range Milk in April, we have been amazed with the response we are getting off customers, not only are they enjoying its great taste, but customers are also enjoying the fact that the milk is providing farmers with a sustainable future. Knowing where the milk comes from is becoming increasingly important as we are more aware of sustainability and food origins.

Free Range Milk is about driving positive change in the dairy industry. We want British farmers to stay in business and we want to see a large scale move away from intensive farming techniques. This puts money in the pockets of people who have been squeezed for years by national retailers.

We are all delighted with the response to Free Range Milk. We hope that lots more customers will join the growing herd of customers enjoying Free Range Milk, which puts more money back into farmers hands and keeps cows grazing out in the fields from the first sign of spring.