Heatwave causing crop chaos

August 6, 2018

Wholesale prices on many lines are spiking thanks to the summer heatwave, slated to be one of the hottest since 1976.

Lettuce, herbs and other salad products are some of the worst hit, along with root vegetables and potatoes, as the 30 degree temperatures halt their growth in the field. Resulting in poor quality and higher prices. Cabbage & Lettuce are suffering because they are getting cooked in the field, prices are very high for the time of year. The knock on effect of the hot weather is salad is a lot more popular in the heat, and sales are extremely high for July/August resulting in less availability as consumers go crazy for it.

Soaring temperatures are also impacting the supply of fruit in different ways, as the hot weather primes shoppers for more refreshing produce. Strawberries are in short supply due to such a warm spring, and with farms struggling to get pickers in during the last couple of months down to it being too hot to work in the greenhouses. The hot weather prompted a sudden wave of harvesting across the UK, when normally northern growers deliver later, allowing a more even season.

One salad crop that is thriving in the heat is Watercress, which is irrigated from aquifers of cold water. We are encouraging customers to try Watercress as a salad base instead, it not only packs a powerful health punch, but it tastes delicious with its unique peppery flavour which adds to other salad ingredients.

As for Potato crops old season are now coming to an end, such as Uncle Davids which is the reason for prices rising towards the end of the season. This is always a difficult time of year for potatoes as we wait for new to begin, getting a good size proves difficult and prices go high until the season gets going. Of course the hot temperatures are making this more of a nightmare at the moment, and we are currently speaking with growers to figure out the best alternatives to get us through this tough stage of the season.

Potato varieties include; Accord, Maris Bard, Piper, Wilja, Miranda, Melody, Sagita. Size will improve over the weeks on these potatoes, and we will keep in touch with regards to the best options.