Market Report - September

September 25, 2017

We are very excited to be able to offer Uncle Davids Potatoes, these variety are Maris Pipers and are the very best when it comes to quality and size, they should be first choice for anyone wanting large frying potatoes. The dry matters are are monitored for fry quality and most importantly, every potato is graded to a large size, meaning these potatoes are the very best when it comes to chipping. Get in touch today for prices, you won't go back once you have tried for yourself.

Other chipping potatoes we currently have available are Lincolnshire Pipers, again very good quality and grade. We also have in some local Maris Pipers which are a good alternative at the moment for roasting etc being very reasonable in price.

We have some stunning Purple sprouting Broccoli now available, quality and price always good around this time of year so don't miss out. Also selling well includes Heritage carrots, Babycorn, Piccolo Parsnips & Baby Chantenay carrots, available in several colours or mixed.

Over the next week or so we will begin to see the start of some top quality Spanish produce becoming available, such as Peppers, Cucumbers and Courgettes. As well as Spanish broccoli becoming available in the next couple of weeks, although we have still a strong supply of British this can change quickly.

We will begin to see our berries coming to an end, and prices getting steeper as the supermarkets tie up all of what British berries are left, leaving us with the likes of Belgian Strawberries which are very expensive to begin with, however can guarantee a better quality.

Speaking of quality, we have now started with our new season Dutch onions, available in sizes 60-80 and 75-105, the latter being a very good alternative to the expensive and average quality Spanish onions.