October Market News

October 16, 2017

It's that time of year again, Halloween is upon us! We have Pumpkins available in all sizes (please pre order large volumes) as well as Mini, Jack Be Little, We Be Little, Cinderella & Sweet Lightening. Other popular lines for the sweeter tooth, such as Chocolate & Toffee apples have begun and come in cases of 20.

We also have  mixed winter squash available which proved very popular this time last year. Varieties include: Crown Prince, Kabocha, Harlequin, Spaghetti, Acorn, Scallop & Onion.

The impact of Hurricane Franklin in August has caused a fall in Mexican Limes, with limited availability and volumes low from other countries we are beginning to feel the shortage and increase in money. Spanish Lemons however are selling well, and quality continues to improve as we move into season.

Uncle David Chipping Potatoes continue to sell well, with great feedback from customers. We also have local Wilja becoming available which come highly recommended when looking for a spud to mash. Baby Mids, and Bakers are all good value at the moment and great quality.

Jerusalem Artichokes, Candy/Golden Beetroot and Mixed Rainbow Kale are all great quality at the moment, are great for something a little different to add to a specials dish.

Local Beetroot available in all varieties, packed in 12.5kg boxes.

Eggs in all sizes have gone up in price now due to availability and the market getting tight, also Cream and Butter prices are high due to demand so be aware.

Spanish production has now begun and we are starting to see Tomatoes, Cues and Peppers coming through and good money as the UK & Dutch season comes to an end.